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Super healthy Mugwort Mac'n Cheese (vegan - so no cheese but cashews)

The mugwort has grown to a very nice size so here we go in for a first harvest. ;-)

I like to use the mugwort to spice up meals. It has a high percentage of essential oils that give off a very intense flavor. It's definitely not a "vegetable". ;-) The early leaves are very tasty though. Later on, I collect them to be dried for tea.

One serving equals healthy pasta. ;-)

To prepare our Mac'n Cashew, we only need a small amount of them.

First off, cook the pasta al dente. You'll need the cooking water to mix into the sauce.

Put it into a blender with

  • a cup of cashews

  • a clove of garlic

  • a cup of yeast

  • and some pepper.

Take a pan and roast some

  • smoked tofu

  • a chopped onion

  • a garlic clove

  • the chopped mugwort

Mix it with the cooked pasta and pour the sauce from the blender on it.

Now you decide: Grab your fork and go for it or put everything into a fireproof bowl and bake it with vegan cheese.


I prepared a wild herb salad to go with the Mac'n Cashew. It was made out of Dandelion leaves, Garlic mustard, Common chickenweed, Shepherds purse, Dead Nettle and Chervil.

Really tasty!! :-D


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