WDBNK's - 5 Easily Identifiable Wild Vegetables And How To Use Them


Did you ever wonder why you have to weed so much? Why do weeds grow so much faster than your vegetables, and often under very difficult circumstances? Well, that's because nature is your mother, and mother wants to feed you.


Those weeds... are food. And what's more: delicious food. Healthy food. Medicine food.

This first little book aims to give you a glimpse into the richness of the wonderful flavors and vitamins that grow around you.

Discover the 5 most important wild vegetables, identify them, forage them and try our vegan recipes to better get to know them.

"Five easily identifiable wild vegetables and how to use them" contains 5 plant profiles and 10 easy to make, vegan recipes with the 5 wild vegetables presented in the book.


You will get a EPUB (42MB) file.

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