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WDBNK's Mission

At WDBNK, we are passionate about protecting the environment and keeping the knowledge of our elders up to date. There has been a drain in the nature-awareness of everyday culture, resulting in a loss of consciousness with regard to what food and medicine are at our disposal for free.

Plants root where they find the amount of sun, water and nutrients they need. They then grow, flower and die, leaving seeds to go on. There is no need for human intervention in nature, everything is a circle of life. All we have to do is to put on our shoes and get out there and respectfully harvest the fruit of the earth.

Our aim is to keep the knowledge on wild herbs, vegetables and edible plants alive and to give you ideas on how to prepare your meals using these.

For millennia, humans have been collecting wild herbs and vegetables. They were their food and at the same time, their medicine. The knowledge on which food had which effects accumulated and grew until the modern age when industrial farming and processed food invested vast sums of money to make us forget.

It is high time to bring the knowledge back, and food closer to the heart of people. Follow WDBNK in this quest, and support us by following us on our social media channels.

That said, these could be your missions:


Less work

“Stop mowing. Let nature break it's way in your garden.”


Even less work

“Stop weeding. "Weeds" are almost all edible.”


Become zen

“Stop caring about what others say. You know you're right when you're on nature's side. ;-) Spread the message, be positive.”