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Spicy Stinging Nettle Curry (vegan)

Looking forward to enjoying a great stinging nettle curry?

Jump immediately to the recipe: 0:40 ;-)

We plucked the top leaves of the stinging nettles and briefly washed them.

In a pan we roasted

  • Hemp seeds,

  • Sesame and coconut

and put this with coconut milk into the blender.

One serving equals happiness. ;-)

We then added oil to the pan and put the following spices to it:

  • Mustard seeds

  • Ground coriander

  • Chilli Powder

  • Pepper

  • Cumin powder

  • Turmeric

  • Fennel seeds

  • Ground ginger

  • Whole dried Chillis

  • Asafoetida and clove buds

Now we added:

  • Chopped onions

  • Two garlic cloves

As soon as those are done, here come

  • 3 diced tomatoes

  • the chopped stinging nettles

  • and the gravy from the blender.

Super tasty, healthy and stingy stinging nettles.

On goes the lid and the curry simmers for about 3 minutes. ...aaaand: it's done! ;-D

To dress the plate we add chopped mint leaves, sorrel and the roasted hemp seeds.

Delicious! If you tried it, let us know in the comments! :-D


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