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Rose vinegar and rose syrup

There we were, in @LuxembourgCity, visiting family when a beautiful scented rose caught our eye... and our nose. It is a beautiful specimen that measures 3 meters in height by 4 meters in diameter. And it was covered in flowers. We were compelled to act. And we did.

After getting the owner's permission, we foraged a big bowl full of flower petals that was transformed into 3 different products.

Here are the first two recipes:

First off: Don't wash the petals or you'll lose the fragrance!

Rose viegar (left) and rose syrup. Both are great!

For the vinegar take a bottle and fill it to 3/4 with flower petals. Then fill it up with some apple-vinegar and leave it for 4-5 days. That's it. Your rose-scented vinegar is done. It's a great addition to your french dressings.

To prepare the syrup you put 1 kg of sugar into 1 liter of water and cook it for ten minutes. Cut the heat and in goes the juice from 2 lemons and a bowl full of rose petals. Leave it until it's cold. Take a sieve and fill the syrup into bottles. Now you're ready for those hot summer days! ;-)

Don't get rid of the sieve full of petals! You need it for another recipe! ;-)


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