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Medieval pancakes! With chervil. (vegan)

Here's a vegan variation of a medieval recipe! :-)

To prepare the pancake batter i mixed 50 gr. of sweet lupine flour, 250 gr. of wholemeal spelt flour, two spoons of flax seeds, 400 ml of rice drink and some water to reach the right consistency, a pinch of salt and some curry powder (that's not very medieval ;-) ) and let it rest for 15 minutes.

One serving is never enough with these fantastic chervil pancakes!

Now I chopped the chervil and two garlic cloves. Part of the chervil found it's way into the batter. I seared the garlic in a pan with some oil and added the rest of the chervil.

Season with salt and chili and/or pepper.

The pancakes were cooked on both sides and stuffed with a spoon of the chervil filling.

Add a side salad and treat yourself to a great lunch! ;-)


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