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Asian Hosta Goodness! (vegan)

Oh yes! Hostas are edible! All of them, be it the green ones, the greens with yellow stripes... All of them! ;-)

English subtitles available!

They are best when they start to come out of the ground in late spring. Take the stems ans use them the way you would use asparagus. But even later on they're a delicious vegetables. Take the newest and smallest leaves and eat them raw, in a salad or braised. And today, we braise them!

Take a garlic clove, a chopped onion, a roughly chopped pepper and throw them in a pan with oil. Add the freshly washed hosta leaves and add some agave nectar. If you hear it sizzle deglaze with soy sauce. Now be careful, because it's done within 2 minutes!

Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds on top, and you're done!



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