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Vegan Almond-Hemp Parmesan

One often hears that #veganism would be an option for someone, if they would not have to forego cheese. That's an understandable argument if you see how broadly and casually milk products get used in everyday life. And if you add the fat and salt contained in cheese to the equation, you get why letting go is so hard. That's a combination that makes you long for more.

When the day comes where you prefer not to consume any more products made from the gland secretions of mammals, you probably welcome a vegan alternative to Parmesan. And in comes our recipe for tasty Almond-Hemp Parmesan. It's tasty. It's healthy. It's easy to prepare.

This is what your pasta, your salads and pestos needed. That extra touch of... Parmesan. ;-)

All you need is:

  • 2 spoonful of ground almonds

  • 1 spoonful skinned hemp seeds

  • 1 spoonful yeast flakes

  • 1 teaspoon salt

And now the highly technical and complicated part of the recipe:

Mix everything together. Done. ;-)


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