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Naan, naan, naan, naan... Batman! Vegan Naan recipe!

Whoever has ever been to an Indian restaurant knows the tasty naan bread. It's what you use to eat all the curry, soups and sauces you get there. Now, if you want to make naan yourself, here's a quick and easy vegan recipe for you! :-D This goes great with our Dal recipe!

And this is what you need for the naan bread:

  • 150 gr Coconut yoghurt

  • 150 ml lukewarm water

  • 500 gr flour

  • 1 spoonful of salt

  • 1 bag of baker's yeast

  • some oil

Dissolve the baker's yeast in the water and let it rest for 10 minutes.

The flour, the youghurt and the salt are kneaded together in a bowl. Add the yeast, knead again, and let it rest for 30 minutes.

To roll out the naan, take oil, not flour. Oil your hands, the dough and you working space.

Take a little handful of dough and roll it out. Now add a topping of your choice except fresh herbs. Those are added after baking.

Preheat your pan without oil to a medium heat. Now put the dough into the pan and wait until you see bubbles appear on it. When the dough is not raw anymore, you turn it over. The second side takes less tie than the first. Get ready to eat fresh,delicious naan!

Here are some ideas for the topping:

  • Chopped garlic

  • Nigella

  • Coriander

  • Pepermint

  • Chilli



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