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Good King Henry's favorite Risotto!

Good King Henry is a member of the goosefoot or #Chenopodium family of plants that has been named plant of the month July in 2018 by

It can often be found next to stinging nettle patches and is easily recognizable by it's leaves formed like a spearhead. If you sense a floury substance beneath the leaves - that's Good King Henry in you hands!

That's a risotto worthy of a King! Worthy of the Good King Henry!

These leaves can be cooked like spinach or be fermented. The leaves taste somewhat like spinach but they are much more intense! Definitely a super-wild-vegetable here! The young stems can be cooked like asparagus which earned Good King Henry the title asparagus of the poor back in the day.

There it is! Next to it's good friends the badboy Stinging Nettle and lady Pimpinella.

The seeds are cooked in water like quinoa... because it's the same family! Good King Henry is with amaranth one regional quinoa substitute. ;-)

Now let's get to the recipe: three cloves of garlic and one shallot are chopped and fried in some olive oil. Put 250 grams of risotto rice in there with them until the shallot gets a glassy look.

Not so proud now, are you Good King Henry? The revolution has started! You're about to be chopped up!

Chop the Good King Henry and add it with a sliced tomato to the rice. Pour some hot broth over this mixture and let it cook. All in all you'll need one liter of broth that you add slowly as you see it evaporate from the risotto. Now's the time to add a spoonful of yeast to give the dish a cheesy flavor.

When you used up the broth you season with pepper and you check if there's any need for salt since the broth is usually salty enough.

I like it when the rice still has some resistance when you bite on it, but it's up to you to what softness you'll cook it. :-)

As you serve, throw in some roasted sunflower seeds, some fresh basil and some chopped chillies.

There you go! Leave us a comment! ;-)

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