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Easy vegan rose spread! #spreadofroses

Are you ready for a breakfast spread? A rose spread? A #spreadofroses? ;-)

What you need for this recipe are the leftovers of this recipe: for rose syrup and rose vinegar. Also, you need two ladles of the delicious syrup you made and one bag of a gelling agent that works cold. Take the flower petals from the sieve, the syrup and the agent and mix them for 4 minutes. If you have a mixer without blades, use it. It's great to keep as much of the petal consistency as possible in the spread.

Rose spread anda loaf of bread
That's the rose spread you want. And if you want something, you got to do it! #spreadofroses

All these fragrances inspired me, as you can hear in the video at 0:58. ;-)



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