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DoAuberginesDreamOfEdibleWeeds? Roasted eggplant with Chenopodium salad!

Yes! Eggplants start being ripe in our garden. That's very good news since we love this versatile vegetable! Whatever dish you prepare with it is truly stand alone and unique in taste and texture. Today we roasted them and served them with a salad starring our wild vegetable of the month June 2018: The chenopodium!

First off, preheat your oven to 180/190 C°.

Then get going with the marinade preparation because it is the backbone to this dish. Take great olive oil, salt, dried basil, thyme, chili, yeast flakes, turmeric, ginger, tomato paste, mustard, pepper and a generous shot of agave nectar. Take a spoonful of each spice.

Now wash the potatoes and cut them country potato-style. If you want to eat them with the skin, pay attention to buy organic! Now pour some of the marinade on them and mix this with both hands. Check if the marinade reached all the chips. Now put them into the oven. After 10 minutes, take a spoon and turn them over. Now it's time to add the aubergines.

These have been cut open and marinade has been put into them. Lay them on top of the potatoes and let them bake for 15-20 minutes. If you have bigger aubergines, add them 5 minutes earlier.

That's more than enough time to prepare the salad. We plucked off the upper leaves of our beautiful chenopodium giganteum and prepare a light french dressing not to bury the elegant taste of the goosefoot. To make this we add 3 spoons of sesame oil to 2 spoons of rose vinegar and season with salt and pepper. That's all. Delicious!



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