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Cauliflower schnitzels with a fruity zucchini salad (vegan)

It is a it always is: When vegetables ripen in our gardens, they are mostly ready all at once. This is the case with our cauliflower heads right now. Now we have to find ways to vary recipes to keep lunch fun whilst serving this tasty vegetable at a higher rate.

Today we'll make breaded cauliflower schnitzel with a fruity salad made from zucchini.

Super yummy cauliflower schnitzel with a raw zucchini salad

***english subtitles available***

Cut the cauliflower head through the center. Then cut off two schnitzels that are held together by the stem. The rest of the heads will be processed to a tasty cauliflower-hemp soup.

Now take:

  • chickpea flour

  • a spoonful of curry powder

  • some salt

  • some agave nectar

mix it all in a bowl with enough water to get a creamy dough.

Dip your schnitzels in the dough, then bread them. Heat some oil in a pan and set it to medium heat. In go the schnitzels. You need to give them the time they need to become soft without burning the breading.

Now it's time to pass your zucchini through the spiralizer.

This vegetable needs a fruity dressing made of:

  • a teaspoonful of mustard

  • 4 spoonfuls of neutral oil

  • 3 spoonfuls of vinegar

  • salt and pepper

  • some agave syrup (go with your palate)

  • ine pressed garlic clove

  • the chopped greens of a spring onion

Don't forget to put the dressing on the zucchini only right before servig, otherwise it will draw water. Now add berries from your garden and serve! :-D


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