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Boat-pizzas? No! Radish-greens Pide! (vegan)

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

WDBNK's on the road, and we're in France, in the beautiful Baronnies Provençales. Our Gîte has a pizza oven... and of course we had to try it. That's why today's recipe is a (not entirely) turkish Pide. If you want to stay at the Gîte du Cladan in L'Epine and save 15,- in the process, klick on this link.

You don't need a pizza oven to prepare the dish though: Just use your regular oven with convection and lower heat combined and cook the pide for 6 minutes on the floor of your oven. ;-)

The dough was almost a pizza dough but without semola:

360 ml of hand-warm water

2 tsp raw sugar

1 pack of baking yeast



1 tsp salt

a dash of oil.

Let this rest for an hour or so.

For the filling, take a pan and:

roughly cut an onion

the greens from the radishes

a pepper and a tomato

and season with pepper and salt.

Is it a boat? Is it a Pizza? No! It's a fantastic vegan Pide! ;-)

Let this cook until the greens get soft and you're ready! Divide the dough into five equal pieces and roll them out as an oval. Put the filling on and fold up the sides to create little ship-like pizzas.

Off they go into the oven! Really tasty!


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