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The main season for blackberry are August and September. It's a great fruit to snack or to bake with. You can make jams, vinegar, syrups, juices, smoothies or prepare a liquor! It's a delicacy! ;-)

But it's not only the fruit that's great about the blackberry! The bush can be found all over Europe, has a height or width of 3 meters and is found in every respected medicine cabinet.

Leaves: The leaves are made into a tea against diarrhea and this works due to the high tannin levels. If you have an infection of the throat or of your oral cavity you use the tea to gargle. You can use the fresh leaves or the dried ones. If you ferment them, the taste gets close to black tea. And, of course, you can prepare a potent tincture from them. You can also eat the leaves in salads in April or use them for vegetable fillings. Later on you can mix them into soups to obtain a very nice taste.

Flowers: The flowers are also used for tea.

Blackberries have very much provitamin A, vitamins E and B and anti-oxidant colours. There's magnesium and iron in them as well as zinc, manganese and copper.


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